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Family names history research can be a daunting task to most people. The majority of family name researchers usually try one of the following three methods in order to learn more about their family name history:

  1. Looking online through family names history record after record after...well you get the idea.
  2. Searching in historical books and records -- usually found in genealogical libraries
  3. Travel to a place(s) of family origin, and search for records or personal connections

The Problem With These Methods
The first solution above seems to be practical and inexpensive, but that can often be deceiving. Many family names history websites provide information that is neither factual nor interesting. And though more convenient, it still requires many hours looking over each individual record to find connections in your family tree.

The second solution is time consuming, and the information that it provides is rarely personal.

The third solution is expensive, and can reap beneficial results although it generally leads to dead ends and frustration.

What is the best solution? The answer is online collaboration. By collaborating with others who are interested in their family name history, you can discover information that has already been researched on your own family tree.

A More Effective Solution
OneGreatFamily is a genealogical Website and database, which provides the original online family tree. The original online family tree is a pedigree chart that OneGreatFamily members share and contribute to. What does this mean to you? It means that other members of OneGreatFamily may have the information that you are missing, whether that information be names, photographs, videos, biographies, etc. OneGreatFamily leaves room for it all, and allows members to collaborate and share all of their information with each other.

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